Response To “Masters Of Photography”

cc Luis Mateo Doblado

cc Luis Mateo Doblado

First off, the lady speaking at the beginning’s afro really distracted me from listening to what she was actually saying. So did her glasses because they took up half of her face. Some of the cinematography was awkward and strange, like the random shot of her hands and the uncomfortable zooming in and out. At first, I didn’t like the commentary that accompanied the pictures because I really couldn’t see how they pertained to the photos being shown or even to photography in general, though I’m pretty sure they were supposed to. But eventually the commentary began to make sense to me in relation to the photos and at these moments, I found it to be very poetic and moving.


Photo Create: Portrait

Experimental Photo: Photo With Detached Lens

This is an example I found online of a photo taken with the lens detached. I tried to follow the technique’s directions online but it didn’t work as well as I had planned. I detached the lens of my DSLR camera and held it up to where it usually attaches, tilting it slightly downward to create the out of focus effect. IMG_9128

Depth of Field Photo

I messed around with the aperture and f-stop of my camera, using a smaller aperture to get a larger f-stop number, in order to increase the depth of field. This caused the space in the image to look deeper and less condensed.

Response To “Jon”

I know this is a lame response, but I really couldn’t think of anything but this song when I began this reading so I decided that I should just express my thoughts through the song!