Radio Show


cc duncan

cc duncan

Radio 1: Fake Dating Profile 

For this piece, I decided to read over a fake dating profile that a friend of mine created, followed by some of the messages she received in response from some of the other users of the dating site. Since the fake profile was intended to be extremely ridiculous, I chose to have my friend read it off in her special, manic voice to further exaggerate the absurdity of this fake girl. I used melodramatic music in the background for this portion to be satirical, making it seem like this girl is serious and that she will find true love on this dating site. I chose to use a voice changer on my own voice for the response messages to stress the absurdity of the people who actually showed interest in this girl. I decided that the most effective way to tell this story would be to read the entirety of this girl’s profile first followed by the responses in order to fully establish her profound character before jumping to conclusions that the men who responded are nuts.

Radio 2: Response To Dove Chocolate Messages

This piece kinda came out of nowhere. I was originally intending to make a self portrait, so one day when I was with a friend, I just started recording our conversation for 45 minutes. We happened to be eating her Valentine’s Day edition of Dove chocolates and kept reading the messages on the wrappers and commenting on how annoying they were. Then I began to think that this could be something that I could edit into my radio show, especially since it kind of fits into the theme of love/dating that we did for our first assignment. So I edited out all the other stuff, since it was all so random and all over the place and chose to go with the Dove theme. I added music that I thought would be kind of ironic. The song “Lovefool” plays in the background as we read annoying Valentine’s day Love messages that we are unable to relate to. It’s very simple, but I tried to edit it and sequence it in a way that made it amusing and fun!


One thought on “Radio Show

  1. The Fake Dating Profile was hilarious, I’m in shock that people actually responded to it. I like how you had your friend read it off, and the dramatic music was a great touch. I also love how you changed your voice, it made it easier to imagine people actually saying the things they did.

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