Response to Deception

cc tjeul

cc tjeul

I found the use of sound to be very effective and powerful in this piece. The sound effects added to the content of their discussion and developed a sense of setting. Their discussion made me think of my Biology of Sex class as well as my Psychology class. In Bio of Sex we’ve been learning about all sorts of species that disguise themselves or deceive members of the opposite sex in order to survive and produce offspring who will carry on to the next generation. I thought of this when they were talking about the snakes at the beginning. In my psych class, we learned about lie detectors and how there are various different types, some of which are more accurate than others. Nevertheless, we learned that these are actually all quite unreliable because the things that bring these machines to come to a particular conclusion could be caused by some other factor, other than lying, and therefore the machines often come to false conclusion. We learned that the face is actually the best thing to look at as an indicator of lying and deception, just like they mention in this piece. I found it overall very interesting and easy to listen to.


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