Response to “How to Read A Movie”

Since the blog on how to read a movie talked about Alfred Hitchock’s Notorious, I decided to respond with the comments and reflections I made after a viewing of this film in my film class last year on the art of film. In that class we were taught how to read a movie, which is why I responded with a piece of my writing from that class.

cc isriya

cc isriya

In Alfred Hitchock’s Notorious, the narration is more restricted to one character’s point of view at some points and less restricted at others. We are shown the point of view of a specific character at points in the movie where that character is experiencing a certain emotion that is tied to something important in the movie. This restricted point of view grabs our attention, generates emotion among us, causing us to empathize with the character, and allows us to foreshadow future events important to the overall story.  For example, at the beginning of the film, when Alicia is driving drunk, we are shown the road she is driving on through her restricted point of view to emphasize the fact that she is intoxicated and not in control. Later, we see her hugging Alexander, whose face and perspective are omitted from the shot to stress that he is unaware that she has stolen his key and is on to him, and to foreshadow the following scene in which she breaks into his wine cellar.


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