Week 3 Review

cc Danielle Bauer

cc Danielle Bauer

This week I did the following:

Daily CreateDaily Create, Daily Create

Video Unit Goals

Response to Numa Numa Video

I think it’s good that we were required to express our goals for the video unit because it really made me brainstorm ideas in my head and really visualize what it is that I want to express through my videos. Although the final product most likely won’t live up to the ambitious images I have in my mind, reflecting on my goals for this unit really inspired me and I am now driven to fulfill those goals in some way or another.


One thought on “Week 3 Review

  1. Ambition for your videos (and whatever else you make your class) needs to be balanced by patience (for learning the ropes of the tech, for experimenting), but it shouldn’t be drowned out by it (also, mixed metaphors). Your photos are always arresting, Ariana, and I’m looking forward very much to your videos (but be sure to give yourself room to learn and have fun, too).

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