My Biggest Fear

cc TeddyBrown

cc TeddyBrown

My biggest fear is getting eaten by a shark. This is an irrational fear, I know, especially since the only times I have actually seen sharks in person have been at the aquarium. There really is no story behind why I am afraid of them, but the funny thing is that I am also extremely intrigued by them. I love watching and learning about sharks on the Discovery Channel and I used to watch this video on sea creatures everyday when I was about 5 years old. I get a sense of fear and anxiety every time I go out in the ocean. It also doesn’t help that my family perpetuates this fear by making fun of me and lying about stories of people getting eaten by sharks.


4 thoughts on “My Biggest Fear

  1. My dad also has an terrible fear of sharks and refuses to even go in the ocean anymore. He’s willing to go like ankle deep but thats it. I love watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and he always made me turn it off because he hated to even watch other people interact with sharks.

  2. I know someone who is also afraid of being bitten by a shark, and as a means of getting over it said they want to get a tattoo of a shark bite on their body? Maybe to remind themselves that its all in their head? Not sure. Thought it was kind of an interesting idea though.

    P.S. I really love your blog name and the graphic at the top. Did you design it? Also, what’s the quote from?

    • Thanks! The graphic was just one of the layouts you can choose for your blog on here. And the quote is from the movie Vanilla Sky, one of my all time favorites!

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