“A Vision of Students Today”

I found Michael Wesch’s “A Vision of Students Today” video to be very informative and interesting. He clearly demonstrates the ways in which technology, specifically computers and the Internet, became an increasingly imperative part of our lives and how our generation practically revolves around these technological advancements. By watching this video, I was forced to actively think about the problems with our generation that I generally tend to ignore. Hearing that half the students raised their hands when asked if they did not like school shocked me at first, but then I reflected on the experiences I’ve had in my classes at college and realized that most of the kids in my lecture halls probably would’ve done the same. Not only were the students’ confessions sad and somewhat depressing, but they also made me really disappointed in my generation as a whole and made me fearful of what will come of students and their academic lives in the future. The problem is that these technological advancements we’ve had over the years are for the most part impossible to avoid. They have just become so prevalent in our society and we have, as a result, become so accustomed to them that life before them seems more like a dream than reality. Perhaps this is the main reason why I wish I were alive in a different lifetime, when people were truly engaged and passionate about learning. It’s crazy to think about what life must have been like back then, and I’m sure for most, it would’ve been torture compared to the lives they know now, but I love when the power goes out during a storm and I am completely cut off from the rest of the world, left with nothing to do but read a good book, play the guitar, paint, or just think without any distractions. Technology has gotten us so far and has been very beneficial to us in so many ways, but watching this video really made me think about the negative aspects of these advancements and how we should all try taking a break every once in a while to let our lives, which seem to be increasing with speed, slow down and sink in.


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