RiP! A Remix Manifesto


I really enjoyed watching RiP! A Remix Manifesto and I really loved the way it was edited. The graphics and found footage caught my attention and tied into the narrator’s words so well. The old pictures, videos, and products also made me feel nostalgic of the past, but then again, so do several other things. Furthermore, I was really digging the soundtrack; I just wanted to dance the entire time I was watching! I found it especially interesting when the narrator stated that the inventions of the past are the very things we remix to make new products in the present because I began to think about how it must have been so much easier to be creative and inventive in the past because there weren’t as many establishments to compete with. Meanwhile today, the only way we can be creative is by taking someone’s previously established product and improving it or “remixing” it to resurrect it and make it fresh and new. No wonder that older generation is mad, I would be too! Then again, I also agree with the “CopyLEFT” and I’d have to side with them because I made a promise to be true to my generation, despite my family’s theory that I was born in the wrong decade. Besides, some of these copyright laws are absolutely absurd; so many people sing songs in public without paying royalties! Plus, the narrator makes a good point of how in the past, people would always build on others’ ideas and inventions to improve them, which is essentially no different than what is being done today with remixing.

My dad is an entertainment lawyer and has tried to explain the copyright issues to me thousands of times, yet I still couldn’t seem to fully grasp what exactly it was that he did as an entertainment lawyer. I did know however that his specialty was in sampling songs, which I find to be a very interesting process. I was especially interested in this documentary because my father’s job fascinates me and I got a chance to learn so much more about it and to better understand it.

I was amazed when I saw Girl Talk rearranging the music. It’s easy to forget how hard it must be to edit a song like that I just thought it was incredible and made me appreciate him more. I really appreciate his creativity and his use of such a wide variety of songs, especially since I’m a huge oldies fan. He has good taste! Although the narrator’s voice got on my nerves most of the time, I still thought it was a great film and enjoyed it so much that I immediately recommended it to my dad.


One thought on “RiP! A Remix Manifesto

  1. Great post!
    There’s that scene where Girl Talk Greg is making a new song, and he’s got the guitar sample in a box that’s just floating, and then they pan to all of the open dialogues he’s got going, and you just sort of realize what a ninja he must be at that stuff.
    Also, he’s an engineer! Knocking stereotypes all over the place.

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